Rant Pack: Performing Artist, Kennen Butler


Rant Pack:
Kennen Butler

Performing Artist

Do you believe that performers can sometimes share our feelings
better than we can express them? 
This next Rant Pack member offers his talents as a performer for others, providing joy and happiness in a world where we may need an escape from the many challenges we face within our societies. 


Rant Pack 6: 
Kennen Butler - Performing Artist 


Who is Kennen:

Kennen has been a performer for practically his whole life. Originally from Michigan but living in New York AND cruising around the world on cruise ships sharing his creative expression, this genuine soul is here to rise up, end prejudices and make people happy. I've had the absolute pleasure of knowing him as a singer on one of those cruise ships. Starting his practice at the age of four informally from family gatherings where they all sang together - in harmony, might I add. This continued to bring Kennen joy and inspiration throughout his younger years. 13 years ago he began practicing his art professionally in several facets. It wasn’t just a source of motivation and creation for him, but it was also the shoulder he needed when getting through difficult times.

As we have seen in several disciplines, all artists face challenges and Kennen is no stranger to obstacles including prejudices, racism, homophobia and others. When you’re in a profession in the arts field, Kennen explains that as a reflection of culture, he recognized that he had been faced with deep scrutiny, even struggles that he felt reached “down to the molecule” at times. However, he further explains that his art has given him the tools he needs to realize how to stay positive and continue to build upon his confidence and recognize his self worth. Through this, he has also learned that opportunities might not always present themselves, so sometimes you have to create them. He recognizes this in the song Just Do You by India.Arie where it states: “If you crate the game, then you create the rules.” He also finds strength in his faith of God through songs like this and other Gospel songs. 

Through overcoming his challenges, Kennen hopes that his art provides others with a sense of joy and a way to escape life and provide encouragement in whatever way his audience would like it - even if it’s only temporary. His expression has taken him around the globe and he has touched the lives of thousands through his art. I have no doubt in my mind that he will continue to reach the hearts of countless more audiences and provide them with the happiness and reassurance they may need. 


What makes Performing an art form? 

1. Emotional Reaction

When you see a live performance of someone singing, for example, it is easy to feel the emotions that they are presenting. Music has a way of reaching our souls and relating to our core emotional experiences that we sometimes can’t achieve ourselves. Belting out music and relating to those around you is a special moment. It is empowering and it is sentimental. Wether we like to admit it or not, we all experience similar moments in life in different ways. Loss, love, happiness, madness, anger, confusion and more. Music, I believe, has a way of transcending beyond these emotions and providing a source of comfort and of unity to its audience. 

2. Public Consumption 

Performing art is an art that specifically needs an audience in order to achieve it’s full potential. a painter can paint a painting without anyone ever seeing it. A performer does what they do in order to build that emotional response and share in the experience with its audience. It can’t be easy to take on these wide range of emotions and live in them daily and undergo these moments with friends, family or even complete strangers. However, it is important and it is a necessary part of life. Sense of community and feeling as if you are not alone is a powerful gift to give an audience, which is exactly what I believe is the core of performing art. 

3. Expression of Passion

In order to relish in these happenings of performing art with audiences, it requires a passionate creation. You, as a performer, are putting the success of your career in the hands of others. Without passion, dedication or motivation, a performer would lose their audience rather quickly. Visitors enjoy performances because it gives them as, I mentioned aboveanother source to relate to. When someone can bring an audience members to tears with their voice, laughter with their jokes or empathy through their loss, a strong connection is formed. Therefore, the authenticity of these moments and the connections that result from them are key in creating the opportunity for pure passion to be expressed and shared. 


you’re an artist, Kennen. Thanks for ranting with me! 


Who is your performing idol? It could be an actor, a musician, an ice skater, a comedian, anyone who you can relate to on an emotional level? 
Leave a note below about a performer who you find to be inspiring and share why you are inspired by them! You never know who might need a new source for motivation.

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Thanks for checking out Rant Pack Kennen and Remember:
Life is art & we are all artists. 
-Ranting Rose


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