Rant Pack: Mosaic Artist, Cris Piloto


Rant Pack:
Cris Piloto

Mosaic Artist

“I am a product of a fragmented world.”-Junot Diaz

This next Ranter is here to show that even if there are pieces in life that might not fit together perfectly, we can still make something. 


Rant Pack 5: 
Cris Piloto - Mosaic Artist 


Who is Cris:

Cris is an inspiring woman from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, spending her sabbatical year with me in Venice, Italy for her second Master’s degree. A mother, with a Master’s degree in social responsibility and a 14 year communications professional, she has journeyed here to delve further into pursuing her personal artistic expression of mosaics. No stranger to the art form, she’s been working with this creative medium since 1999 and began an art studio in 2003. The idea of taking pieces and putting them together to create an entirely new entity is inspiring for Cris. Like mosaics, Cris puts together all of her inspirations to creative a program called “Cola Caco” which means “Stick the Small Pieces” and worked with children and mosaic artists from around the world. Through this experience Cris learned that her passion and work weren't solely about mosaics, but about people and the communities it influenced. It continued to grow with hard work and research and has evolved into a socially inclusive, recycling project around the world. (We are also participating in a project during our time in Venice next month!) 

Touching these sensitive topics in the art world is motivating for Cris, but she always hasn’t had the opportunity to practice her creativity due to her professional career. However, this didn’t stop the go-getter! She has continued to deepen her philosophy of mosaics and fostered this mindset of understanding the importance of different layers and how they relate to our lives. This has become almost like a second language to her. Cris views the world through her mosaic work and incorporates aspects of geography, history and society. Her art has brought her around the globe and no matter where she is she feels comfortable because she has learned we are all connected in what she refers to as The Mosaic of Life.” Each person makes up the world and the world wouldn’t be the same without them. 

She hopes that her art will continue to “be the change” in the world, as many artists do through their abilities such as two of her biggest inspirations including the famed Pablo Picasso or the mosaic artist Nikki Di Sainte Phalle. Additionally her sense of drive her mother who was also very creative and shared her passions with others. She has learned that age doesn’t define who you are or what you can do. Your behavior and attitude has pushed Cris to work hard but also have fun. As she continues, Cris strives to bring happiness to the world through her expression and provide them an additional sense of encouragement. She is looking forward to sharing the magic of the art form of mosaics with others and continue to emphasize the importance of community and inclusivity through her beautiful work. 


What makes mosaics an art form? 

1. Traditional Expression

I’m not sure how familiar you are with Mosaics, however, this art form goes all the way back to the Byzantine times. YEAH, THAT LONG AGO. To be honest, I always found mosaic work to be interesting, however, I didn’t really understand or truly appreciate mosaics till I saw one in person. It makes SUCH a difference. Seeing a picture of a mosaic you can’t count all of the tiny, minuscule, broken pieces that are put together to form an image or pattern or design. Once you do, it will change your world. 

2. Sensory Experience

What I think makes mosaics a multi-sensory experience is int he way they are created. It takes a lot of precise work with your hands to place every single piece in a mosaic. Feeling the many materials you can use, especially in the formate of up-cycling, and looking at these discarded items as something that will create an artwork is inspiring. Being able to feel the work when it is completed later adds another level to the sensory experience with it because it changes from beginning to end. What an beautiful way to see the world as if anything you come across can be included in a mosaic. The fragmented at it’s finest

3. Expression of Passion

I think it goes without saying that it takes a lot of patience and dedication to build a mosaic artwork. Therefore, I think the work of a mosaic artist is driven by the desire to build something new with existing materials. I believe that this is one of the root definitions of innovation - the ability to build something creatively from what already exists and it is an incredible talent. The fact that it comes from love and care for society signifies this art form is an expression of passion. 

you’re an artist, Cris. Thanks for ranting with me! 

If you could take several aspects of your life and bring them together to build something you love, what would it be? Passion for food? For art? For writing? For laughing?
Those may or may not be mine… 
Pop a comment below to share the fragmented bits of life you see and how they can actually work together! I believe that there are strengths to every aspect of life and maybe they can build new strengths when brought together. I’d love to hear your thoughts below! 

Check out more about Cris at these links: 

Instagram: @mylifeistile @coletivocolacaco

Thanks for checking out Rant Pack Cris and Remember:
Life is art & we are all artists. 

-Ranting Rose

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