Rant Pack: Esthetician and Cosmetic Artist, Alison Trojan


Rant Pack:
Alison Trojan

Esthetician and Cosmetic Artist

Long live the lashes, am I right!? 
This next Ranter says we are all made of stars and there is magic within us to share. 


Rant Pack 7: 
Alison Trojan - Esthetician 


Who is Alison:

Alison Trojan is an incredibly dedicated and passionate esthetician and cosmetic artist from Chicago, IL and turned 27 YEARS OLD YESTERDAY. (Happy birthday, girl!)  She has been in the beauty industry for over 6 years and did not get there via a traditional path - whatsoever. Her journey developed from many interactions with self-doubt, deprivation and lack of interest in conventional class schedules. From high school she had an interest in exploring the world of beauty but her job did not allow for any nail polish to be worn. The day she quit was the moment she let herself delve into this field and she became intoxicated with “living life in color,” sometimes changing her nail color daily. This love continued through into college where she would find herself skipping class in order to further develop her expression where it guided her to drop out of university and jump into nail school. This was also in the beginning phases of Instagram, which gave her multiple accounts of inspiration for nail art. Although she was satisfied with her current knowledge and developed her skills to continue with her art professionally, she moved on to other beauty fields including esthetics, eyelash extensions and permanent cosmetics while also doing freelance bridal makeup along the way. And she keeps on going!

Many aspect of life make it difficult to overcome self-doubt and comparison. We all face moments of vulnerability and insecurity. Alison thinks that this is especially apparent with those of us who compare ourselves with others on social media, which gives a lot of viewers unrealistic expectations for themselves. Alison is no stranger to these struggles. Yes, she agrees that social media can be a fantastic source of inspiration, however, it takes self-acceptance and inner strength to be able to appreciate others on social media. We need to be able to learn and accept for ourselves that everyone has a different path. Even if we don’t have the same amount of success at this point it doesn’t mean that you aren’t working hard, successful, or talented. Alison believes that self-love in incredibly important and would tell herself five years ago that talking negatively to yourself doesn’t help. She would reminder herself that it’s okay to make mistakes and by being hard working, while also aware of your mental health, you will persevere. 

Alison believes her art is a force to be reckoned with! She explains that everyone should do what they want to do as long as we don’t harm ourselves or others along the way. In order to bring people into that state while she is working with them, she plays music from Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, Houndmouth, Hozier, Leon Bridges, and Fruition. Alison explains that her clients normally use this time with her to relax and she wants to provide them with the ultimate experience to refresh and find themselves in order to go out and run the world. 

What makes being an Esthetician & Cosmetic Artist an art form? 


1. Public Consumption 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, what if that beholder isn’t yourself? It is hard to wake up in the morning and see yourself as others do. These wonderful people who specialize in esthetics and cosmetics help us find that beauty we can’t always reach for. Doubt and comparison are some of the strongest mental tools we use against ourselves and when there are people who can see us as a blank canvas without confidence issues, depression or mental obstacles and focus on our physical and emotional strengths, this provides a source of self-love and assurance we may not always have the power to bring forth ourselves. It is beautiful and it is genuine. 

2. Expression of Passion

For Alison, this journey seemed to be a natural progression, as if it was embedded in her DNA. It has allowed her to explore her strongest traits and passions and even experiment with them in order to provide new sources of inspiration - not only to herself and her expression - but to other colleagues, friends and clients who see her masterpieces and being to wonder. It has opened up a new dialogue of what we can do with ourselves and how we can reflect who we are on the inside with what we want to show on the outside. 

3. Evolution

This is a new category for me. I have heard from a few of you about the progression and development of an art form and how changing makes it more artistic and creative. I agree and believe this to be true. The more you feed your creativity the more it will be returned to you for more exploration and growth. This seems to be very clear in Alison’s progression. What began as a hobby became an interest then a career which led her to a path of examining, researching and studying new forms of expression within the same field. There are countless opportunities awaiting each of us and we don’t know where one step will take us. For Alison, I see her going amazing places with fantastic people and bringing not only them but their communities hope and appreciation for who they sincerely are. 

you’re an artist, Alison. Thanks for ranting with me! 


Have you had difficulties with comparison to someone else based on social media? How did you overcome it? We are all in this together and we all have magic to share. 


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Thanks for checking out Rant Pack Alison and Remember:
Life is art & we are all artists. 
-Ranting Rose



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