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“Music will tell you more about me than I ever will.” - Unknown

I feel that this quote perfectly introduces my next rant:

Rant Pack 10: 

Ezequiel Giraldez - Musician 

Who is Ezequiel:

Ezequiel is an incredibly talented and accomplished musician from Buenos Aires, Argentina. His music and his talent have allowed him to travel and explore the world. We met while we were both working on cruise ships and his passion for musical expression was incredibly apparent upon first meeting him. At just 30 years old, he has not only created his own music but he has also produced music for other musicians as well making arrangements and building songs from styles like country or folk to tango, pop, funk and rock. He’s been investing in his musical career since he was 14 years old and decided for college to attend a musically focused institute. The inspiration originally sparked from his father playing guitar as well, however, this transition from student to professional was key in directing where his future would go. 

According to Ezequiel, music is important because it is the only way he feels that he can open his soul. There’s no rules, there’s no worries, he can simply close his eyes and allow the music to flow from him. This aspect of playing wasn’t always apparent to him as he began playing simply because it was fun. Over years of practicing and writing music, he eventually became aware that this is his unique form of communication to the world around him. 

His biggest challenge is supporting himself in following his career and dream. With many jobs in the artistic fields it can be difficult to make a living. Additionally, Ezequiel explains how artists often have to learn how to deal with having to overcome their anxieties and frustrations alone as you are always on your own. He firmly believes that as a musician you are your own boss and your success is heavily reliant upon how much effort you put into making your passion work. As a musician, one can continue to create success with this mindset. Direction will become easier even if it is different from the way others live around you. He says that after years of living life this way, and staying true to himself and his passions, he ends everyday smiling because he is doing what he loves no matter what challenges arise. If he could tell himself five years ago one thing, it would be to enjoy every single moment and to not be so hard on himself because the power of love through music is incredibly strong.

Ezequiel’s love of musical expression has taught him some very valuable lessons. The main one that he refers to is to remain humble. He tells stories of playing in luxurious venues or on the street and wherever he performs he will always give his best. As a reminder of this lesson he often returns to one of his favorite quotes from Paul McCartney which is: “And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.” Whether it is one person or one thousand, he hopes that this message reaches his audiences and listeners and allows them to heal. 

What makes music an art form? 

1. Emotional Reaction

Creating music comes from one’s soul or heart and is ultimately a culmination of emotions. It hits a chord that other artistic expressions can’t always achieve. Words aren’t needed to share these messages, stories and experiences in order to understand why it is relatable or how it can affect you. I think it is such an amazing gift that someone can translate their emotions into a universal audio experience. I use the work universal because although we may not speak the same languages music is one of the art forms that without a doubt transcends and breaks the barriers that are put upon our countries and cultures due to language or dialect. It is a wonderful way to experience emotions. 

2. Public Consumption 

This is definitely reinforced through the concept of universality. I remember being in Italy and listening to music where I didn’t understand the words, however, I could understand the meaning of the song or the emotion that was intended to be understood by the usage of certain notes, rhythm, speed and other aspects we may not even be aware of. It becomes a way to create a community and share in a union of emotional interaction. What a wonderful world. 

3. Expression of Passion

This expression is a beautiful example of passion. That passion can be experienced by not only the person creating the music, but the audience as well. This is seen through people dancing, it is heard through people singing along, and it is believed by people coming together in order to surround themselves with others who feel the same way. Musicians are incredibly talented in sharing passion with others and I believe it is something that will always continue to be an important aspect of everyones life in understanding themselves and in building relationships. 

You’re an artist, Ezequiel. Thanks for ranting with me!

What is a song or melody that you have heard that created a sense of wonder and awe within you? Is there a certain type of music that has lit your soul on fire and provided a sense of encouragement and inspiration? 

I am always looking for new ways to explore this audio art form and would love to hear your suggestions! 

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Thanks for checking out Rant Pack Ezequiel and Remember:
Life is art & we are all artists. 

-Ranting Rose

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