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Rant Pack:
Penelope Moore


“The object of art is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity.” -Alberto Giacometti

Rant pack 11:
Penelope Moore - PAINTER

Who is Penelope:

Penelope Moore is one of the most open souls I have ever encountered. From her go along with the flow attitude to her completely directed expression of creativity, she has completely opened herself to the world around her and has taken in every element of it possible in order to express it via palette knife and paint. The specific collection I personally identify with is her Palette of the Palate series where inspirational mortal wines become everlasting on her canvas through her timeless abstract articulation. 

There aren’t many moments in life where you can have a complete multi-dimensional experience in relation to art; where you can engage several senses at once. In the case of Penelope’s art her audience is able to see, feel, smell and taste the art. I may even go far enough as to include the sense of hearing with the pop of opening a bottle of prestigious wine or hearing the splashing of the pouring and swirling. Each aspect provides intrinsic value to these moments of sensual inclusion. 

Imagine, for a moment, salivating alongside a juicy yellow palette knife stroke representing the undeniable fresh bursts of citrus and sharp ever present lemon zest illuminating from the glass. Her work is essentially an entanglement of the senses. 

Penelope uses contemporary abstract expressionism to communicate one of the most versatile and complex senses, taste. She explains her process as the following: “My process for my ‘Palette of the Palate’ painting series always begins with a blank canvas and a sip of wine.

This multi-faceted involvement of artistic engagement is quite unique in the art world and even more so within the wine field. Penelope’s art literally translates the message and soul of the bottle she is focusing on and shares its character, personality and story with all who enjoy its contents; from the palette to the palate.

Penelope further describes this idea as “although similar at first glance, every wine is different and has a story, like a fingerprint.”

Her theory of creative development through painting commences by appropriating the first strokes onto a blank canvas. From this point, she continue to apply color and through her synesthetic translation she is able to depict the tannic depiction, color, flavor components, minerality, texture and more. 

Beyond her taste philosophy, Penelope’s technique is comparable to the mastery and delicately bold use of the palette knife as shown by several other internationally renowned living artists such as Gerhard Richter to the impact of the vast color fields of Mark Rothko, and intense, commanding strokes similar to that of Franz Kline or Willem de Kooning with her avant garde approach of using abstract expressionism to describe wine. 

What makes Penelope’s artwork so unique from these acclaimed artists is that while using the similarly detailed techniques and methods as described above her works in this series, although completely abstract, they are thoroughly developed and constructed with genuine pure intention of expressing taste onto canvas. The wine you can enjoy over and over again. 

These unparalleled aspects of creativity and artistic development are what solidify her place in art history as a groundbreaking artist offering new and fresh perspectives into not only the art field but the entertainment field and hospitality offerings via wine. The unique opportunities to engage and interact with her art through multi-sensory moments reinforce the legacy associated with her paintings. They will remain true to the time capsule experience of that minute in time, enjoying a bottle of wine, celebrating life, surrounded by loved ones in a memorable location for years to come. 

What makes painting an art form? 

1. Traditional Expression

No question here - Penelope creates art in one of the most well known expressions of fine art which is oil on canvas. Each painting is a unique artwork, without any limited editions available. Each stroke is placed and thought out by her via her personal interaction with a bottle of wine and the experience surrounding this collection. It has provided a truly palatable expression of creativity in a timeless manner. 

2. Sensory Experience

Without a doubt, again, Penelope has pushed the boundaries of artistic creation by surpassing the desire for one or two senses and has made it her creative passion and goal to explore one’s sensual awareness in regards to their personal culture. The focus of this sensory evolution provides a revelation of the innate appreciation for the Earth around you, a heightened comprehension of connection and a development of creative wisdom. These perspectives truly amplify when in the presence of her work as they provide unique reactions unlike any other painter’s artistic philosophy or interactive approach. 

3. Expression of Passion

Passion is a key element in a majority of artistic or creative endeavors, and Penelope’s journey is a prime example of how passions can unite to create a new cultural offering to the world via synesthesia of wine. This “super power,” as Penelope refers to her talent, saves the character of the bottle and releases its message and purpose into the world in a way that it communicable beyond spoken languages. Flavors, tastes, scents, textures and more are challenged, understood and expanded through her deeply observant passions. 

You’re an artist, Penelope. Thanks for ranting with me!

We are lucky enough to have several upcoming exclusive events to truly immerse yourself in the world of Penelope’s art, philosophy and expression.
Have an intimate moment with this artist, discover a new way to appreciate art or possibly use this opportunity to acquire one of the few artworks from her masterpiece series.
Whatever your level of involvement may be, this is without a doubt one of the most unique, immersive and artistic experiences you will encounter. 

November 2018 - December 2018.

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instagram: @wineartlife @paletteofthepalate
facebook: www.facebook.com/penelope/

Thanks for checking out Rant Pack Penelope and Remember:
Life is art & we are all artists. 

-Ranting Rose

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