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Rant pack:
Larisa Stephenson



Another type of storyteller from my last rant, this one is in the form of written word! Meet another rockstar woman who has powered through and developed a fantastic blog and an exciting new book! 

Rant Pack 9:
Larisa Stephenson - Author

Who is Larisa:

Larisa Stephenson is quite the multitalented woman! Primarily a professional in the Kinesiology and Exercise Physiology world, she is additionally an author of a fantastic blog and has recently published her FIRST book I, Lincoln, did not ask for this,” which is an absolutely adorable and funny children’s book about a dog becomes a big brother to the new baby of the family which she successfully achieved through Kickstarter! On top of that, she is also an accomplished MOUNTAIN RUNNER. In her own words she calls herself a “Mischief creator who has no problem calling out bull shit when she sees it.” BOOM! 
As many of us know, writing is a difficult task to master in any capacity. Finding the inspiration, following through with research, learning from those around us and our own life experiences. All of these aspects come together when you’re writing and become a genuine expression of yourself. Sometimes, those genuine expressions of self come across in the wrong way and can create friction. For Larisa, writing fearlessly is what she strives to achieve on a daily basis. There are so many ways that individuals can be offended, and the fear is that she will lose readers or friends over different opinions. However, Larisa believes that writing about your thoughts and getting them out ultimately makes you feel better. Those emotions and feelings are released and a sense of relief is then welcomed. Therefore, with all of these aspects in mind, Larisa firmly believes in sharing the truth when you write. This is key to knowing how to relate to your readers and ensure they understand you. 
What Larisa hopes her readers receive from experiencing her writings is happiness and laughter. Everyone needs to be lifted up from time to time and when we're happy we need to continue to do what makes us happy. When Larisa is in seek of inspiration for creativity, she personally turns to Vivaldi: the Four Season, concerto no. 4 in F minor RV 297, “Winter” as well as, the writings by fellow author, Etgar Keret. These sounds and words produced from two beautifully creative mindsets provide her with the perfect encouragement and prepare her to rock on with the writing. 

What makes writing an art form? 

1. Traditional Expression

Writing is one of the most credible and reliable forms of art sharing the world has seen. Books and pamphlets and carvings that have been found from throughout history are some of the most concrete examples of evidence of our human capacity from previous generations. These writings provide our current times with so much information on how the people of that time thought, worked, loved, valued and more. Writing has always and will continue to remain a major aspect of my life not only for the historical moments, but the emotional and psychological understanding as well. These aspects of the human life are what differentiate us from other species and I believe they are meant to be cherished and celebrated. Larisa is a powerhouse woman who continues to push these aspects and build their strengths for the benefit of not only herself, but ultimately for others. 

2. Communication

Again, the communicative aspect of writing is critical to understand and appreciate as an art form. This aspect of creative and artistic expression is incredibly genuine and vulnerable. These thoughts, opinions and emotions are meticulously described in ways that many people can relate to and find comfort in. The communication, in this sense, becomes much more of a connection and can further branch and develop as time continues.

3. Public Consumption 

When writing is shared with others, the public consumption aspect can be intimidating.
Will others agree with my words?
Will they understand my perception?
Will they respect my opinions?
These questions cross almost every persons mind as they are about to share something in written form. Writing is solidified and can rarely be taken back. Therefore, it makes it one of the most special and most dangerous aspects of creative expression. With all of this in mind, I deeply believe that writing is incredibly brave and I appreciate its need for vulnerability and clarity while producing creativity. (Not trying to brag or anything…! Hah!)

You’re an artist, Larisa. Thanks for ranting with me! 

Check out Larisa's blog: 


Writing can be an emotional and therapeutic form of creative expression. I haven't been posting on my blog as often because I also enjoy writing for myself. Sometimes we just need to work through emotions and life's challenges and that is how I also grow and learn about myself and life in general. However, these experiences can be relatable, as Larisa has explained, and those experiences can help others to find happiness and joy. The strength and courage that I see in all of these artists I have interviewed have been overwhelming. I am thankful for such creative and supportive people in my life and am excited to continue sharing more of these experiences with you, 

Therefore, if you believe that what you do is a creative expression of yourself and that it will bring others happiness and provide inspiration, I would love to speak with you more!

Till then, get ready for a few more blog posts coming up with some great stories! 

Comment below with your thoughts and suggestions for other artists! 

Thanks for checking out Rant Pack Larisa and Remember:
Life is art & we are all artists. 
-Ranting Rose


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