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Palette of the palate masterpiece series by Penelope Moore goes on National Tour!

Internationally renowned and wine inspired “Palette of the Palate” Masterpiece series by Penelope Moore begins national tour!
Exclusive opportunities to “taste” through this prestigious collection as it is debuted together for the first time and begins touring the United States from Napa to Chicago.

On several dates from November to December of 2018, limited audiences across the United States will have exclusive opportunities to taste through the highly acclaimed, abstract expressionist artworks from Penelope Moore’s Palette of the Palate series alongside some of the country’s most impressive wines. These elegant events will provide unique experiences for each attendant to explore their personal palettes and find deeper connections to the action paintings of Penelope via an “entanglement of the senses” as she sips and paints live in their midst. 

Acclaimed Wine Journalist Kelly Mitchell, also known as  “The Wine Siren” of Napa Valley describes Penelope’s art as “a rare gift of wine and art” in HuffPost Life. Mitchell continues in this article by describing Penelope’s process of translating taste to canvas as her “super-power.”  Ultimately, Mitchell believes that “this gift has made her a resource for endless abstracts.”

This unique approach to wine, taste, art and sensory experience has captivated thousands of admirers and mesmerized hundreds of collectors of Penelope’s artworks across the globe. These engaging events have further proven the importance of multi-sensual experiences of culture in a stimulating and inspiring manner, which furthers the legacy of artistic expression across sensory borders. 

And you will soon have the opportunity to indulge in this sensory encounter!

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“My goal as an artist representative is to connect creative minds and bring life through art to those who appreciate and enjoy it. Penelope’s work is a genuine example of true artistic beauty as well as a fantastic example proving art is a universal language as she translates the luscious and textural intention of the wine to her canvases. The upcoming, invite-only, VIP events surrounding her “Palette of the Palate” series are the best opportunities to commemorate your favorite flavors of life and love. Sign up to learn more about this artist and join us for a glass of wine at our private events in the next coming months. You won’t want to miss out!”

-Rose Gabler

My process for my “Palette of the Palate” painting series always begins with a blank canvas and a sip of wine. My job is to tell each wine's story and to transcribe it visually onto canvas. They are contemporary in style with an emphasis on color, mood, and light.
My inspiration begins in social scenes such as candlelit restaurants, wineries and wine bars, wine cellars and often simply in the kitchen and around dinner tables with wine, food and friends. Each painting captures the essence of the wine and the energy of the event, which is the grand finale of the life of the wine, where it is enjoyed and celebrated.

-Penelope moore