INtroduce yourself, please.

Hi, I’m Rose! I am a Chicago-born, world traveling, life enthusiast and I am here to rant about things I love and find inspiration for more things to enjoy! This is my outlet for sharing all of the beautiful things I encounter in my days with others whether its a quick espresso with a friend, a night of visiting art galleries and exhibitions or traveling to a new city - I want to rant about it. 

WHy the rant pack?

Good question! I love learning about people. Stories inspire me and excite me to try new things. Most of these activities I consider to be creative and artistic in one way to another! I am here to share these stories and emphasize the importance of seeing art everywhere.

Whats your favorite spotify playlist?

I am getting really into the ones that customize lists of music for you! Music to “Discover” is the greatest. I come across so many musicians I would have never listened to but are all on my range. My range is wide, by the way. I like pop music, instrumental, folk, rap, rock, alternative… but really anything you can sing along in the car to, which happens to be another playlist I enjoy on Spotify! Although, in Venice there aren’t any cars. So I haven’t listened to it recently. 


What do you do with your life?

I am currently based in Venice, Italy with my culinarily talented fiancé, Steve, eating and drinking our way through the city while studying for my Master’s Degree in Business Administration of Arts and Cultural Events. I am a project manager for cultural events globally and have extensive experience planning and executing thrilling moments in life. Needless to say, my time here has been an amazing opportunity for further international networking and finding inspiration for many aspects of life in general. 

HOw did you get started writing?

I’ve been writing since I can remember. I have had about 30 journals, none of them finished - but all of them started. I published an e-book in 2013 about my grandfather and what lessons I learned from him. I enjoy writing creatively for fun and have always continued to write for myself and have decided it’s time to come out of the shell of comfort and go for it. 

What inspires you?

Making everyone around me smile and laugh. They are forms of communication that don't need translating. People who don't take themselves too seriously but know their worth and influence on their surroundings. Watching sunrises and sunsets. Hearing about new artistic projects and exhibitions. Morning workouts. Finding good books and articles to read on trains or planes. Listening to live music, and so much more.