Rant Pack: Mother, Sheila Lamb


Rant Pack:
Sheila Lamb

Mom & the Art of Self Love

How many of us are super proud of our moms and thankful for everything they have done for us and sacrificed for us so that we can live our best lives?! 



This feature is about none other than my amazing and inspiring mom, Sheila. 

Who is Sheila:

Coming from Chicago, IL, she was brought up on the South Side and lived above one of the Funeral Homes that was owned by my grandfather, Matt Lamb. Throughout her life she worked for the family business, dabbled as a beautician and eventually grew into the art world where she blossomed. Not only was Sheila an artist for a time via painting and designing special edition glasses for Villeroy & Bach while also building ceramic figurines AND painting canvases, but she has adapted and molded her life to artistically express herself genuinely and creatively. Her art and experiences have taken her across the globe and back home again repeatedly. From Germany to Dubai to Argentina and beyond, she has truly become a woman of the world and is certain that it is because she has mastered a skill that some of us strive to hold onto daily. 
What is her art, you ask? After being successful in the business world, rocking it as an artist, being an amazing mom and building global experiences aimed at creating peace, it is the art of self love. It’s a strange thought to make self-love an art form. However, it’s probably one of the strongest expressions of our identity that we can master creatively no matter what field we are in, where we are or who we know. I believe this whole heartedly because it comes from within. 
Her artistic expression and creative choice is to be happy and appreciate everything that derives from it. It’s been a main focus of her life since she was young. Growing up above a funeral home exposed her to all of those families and friends and their “what if” questions and concerns. When a loved one has died, it’s too late to say “I wish” and it can be hard to come back from that realization. Especially in regards to recent times including the passing of my dad and grandfather, it is more apparent to me now than ever that when you have a deep sense of self love then you are able to almost find comfort and acceptance of the loss within yourself. You grieve, then you grow but, as all amazing things, life takes time.
Sheila vowed to herself in the 8th grade to walk into any room with light and not darkness and this has shaped and motivated who she has become and what she has always wanted to share with others.  She explained that it is easier to complain or worry about our experiences but it takes strength to take our weaknesses and build upon them. It's hard, but it can be done.
Mom has always tried to instill in me the meaning of self appreciation. She does so because she grew up desiring to live and experience life to the fullest. She realized that being happy is her decision based on her way of looking at life and uses this acceptance to enjoy every experience she has. It is something no one can take away from her. 
Mom mentioned that, like everyone, sometimes she feels darkness and needs a reminder that life goes on and has practiced the action of saying out loud “I am happy” and writing herself notes about how wonderful life is and finding them in later days. Sing and dance along to Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life” and remind yourself how lucky you are. The more you focus on what you have in life the happier you will be and people everywhere will be deeply attracted to your energy.


What makes Self-Love an Art Form? 

1. Emotional Reaction 

Self love, I believe derives from our connection with our emotions. What do we focus on, what makes up beam, what are our thoughts, what do we spend time talking about? All of these questions bring about our perspective and, therefore, cultivate our experiences. Emotional reactions in relation to ourselves is important for our growth in relationships and professional careers and so on. It is important to focus on these objectives in order to release and encounter the best parts of ourselves in order to bring out the best in others. 

2.  Public Consumption

That last line is my evidence for the argument of Public Consumption of Self Love. When we love ourselves it is easier to find others that love us as well. We focus on the strengths that they see in us and want to become them even more so. 
For example, hearing someone tell me that I am a good listener makes me want to BE a better listener because now I feel a sense of happiness, contentment and maybe even success in being a good friend. 
Additionally, when we love ourselves we show others to love themselves. When we appreciate what we have we want others to feel the same gratitude for their lives. We want them to believe it so deeply that they won't question it again. Knowing what it feels like to love yourself is a strong emotion that is inspiring, challenging and exciting and only helps others. 
In my book I published a few years ago I wrote "Isn't it best for everyone when everyone is doing their best?" I think this falls perfectly in line with how the art of Self Love is a community experience and only grows. 

3. Expression of Passion

I also think that last sentence is evidence of Self Love is an Expression of Passion. It is so powerful and deep that it can easily be shared within a community. When someone loves themselves it is seen in their personality, in their character, in the way they treat others, in the way they talk about themselves it is so apparent that it is a deep sense of passion. I don't believe that it is the same as being "cocky" or being "stuck up." Loving who you are is nothing to hide, it is nothing to be ashamed of, it is nothing to bottle up and keep for a rainy day. Being passionate about who you are, what you love, what you are almost "dorky" about (what you geek over) is amazing and genuine and that, my friends, is absolutely lovely. 

You're an artist, Mom! Thanks for ranting with me! 


We all know our moms love us and want us to love ourselves as much as they do.
How has your mom shared with you the art of loving yourself? In what ways is your mom an artist of life? With Mother's Day coming up its important to take the time to remind ourselves how AWESOME these women are in our lives and be thankful for their creative guidance, deep friendship, everlasting support and infinite love.

Thank you to all of the moms out there who have mastered the art of self love
and generously share your light with us all.
Happy Mother's Day.  

Thanks for checking out Rant Pack Sheila and remember:
Life is art & we are all artists. 

-Ranting Rose


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