Rant, Rose! Rant!



Rant, Rose! Rant!



Before you ask, the answer is YES!


I'm ranting about these things because I think we can find art everywhere in life. A few recent losses in my life have instilled in me the desire to appreciate everything in life as an artistic expression whether it's enjoying artworks in a gallery, making someone laugh so hard they cry, tasting a deliciously balanced cocktail or experiencing a live performance of some sort - I am taking the time to appreciate them. Life has a funny way of showing you what is important in life and I am lucky enough to be able to find importance in many aspects and genuinely relish in the experience it creates for me. 

I will be RANTING A LOT about these great things, people, places, experiences, artworks, expressions, foods, drinks and everything else that I think we all enjoy but don't always cherish. 

My dad taught me that simplicity can be beautiful, and we need to take all moments, big or small, that inspire us and excite us and share them with others. 

Allow me to share with you my four top loves: Art, Travel, Food & The Rant Pack! 


My grandfather and my mom are both insanely talented artists. My grandfather passed away a few years ago, however, his philosophy and his artworks have left behind an amazing legacy, which I will definitely rant about another time. Or a few times. My mom left behind the creative side in order to focus on building a business with him and develop a peace foundation that has reached over 30 countries and over 3 million participants. WHAT? Incredible. That'll be coming up soon as well. Anyways, because of my immersion into art from, well, since I came to this planet, I have basically been molded, for lack of better terms, to fit into the art world. And I love it. I LOVE IT. 


I have had many opportunities to travel internationally - starting on my own from when I was 14. I was given an opportunity for my first art museum internship in Luxembourg and lived in Germany for a month and half during my summer vacation. Every summer after that till I was 22 I continued with this tradition and took on internships in Argentina, Spain, Ireland, England, Russia, Dubai and more. I also studied art history abroad in Milan, Italy and traveled throughout the country and to surrounding countries during that time. I also worked in the art gallery on cruise ships for two years and visited 23 new countries with through that experience. I am now currently living in Venice, Italy and have been traveling all around Europe since I got here in January 2018. I'm hoping to reach 50 countries by next year at the latest. BRING IT ON. 


 "Get in mah bellay!" Thank you, Fat Bastard, for taking my emotion towards food and summing it up into one brilliant, Scottish sentence. I love food and drinks and the whole social atmosphere around it. Whether I'm going out or making dinner at home with my culinarily talented fiancé, Steve (who will also pop in from time to time),  I absolutely love it. The feeling of success when trying a new recipe, or having a delicious meal from our favorite pizza place in Venice (yes, we have one of those) and the additional feeling of accomplishment when I have had the complete conversation in Italian, well it just doesn't get any better than that. *Insert high five emoji here!*


Basically, this is the group of people that I love and that I will rant about form time to time. My family, my fiancé, my friends from all around the world, my mentors and the people I come into contact randomly or in my daily life, like the bartenders in the cafe around the corner from our flat in Venice, are all part of this group.  I am so lucky to have such an amazing community surrounding me and I am going to take full advantage of knowing them and being able to rant about their hard work and progress and growth! It's going to be an amazing source of inspiration for me but also, I hope, for you! 


Now that you know the who, what, where and when of my rants and what you'll be experiencing and gaining, I hope you enjoy it! 


*PS. Top photo taken by my great friend, Samuel Bird.