Ranting Rose

Hi there, 

My name is Rose and I am here to share with you my rants!

Writing has always been a passion of mine and it’s been my clearest way of communicating my personal thoughts and feelings for many years, even before thinking about writing and publishing my first E-Book. I owe it to myself and my readers to be as genuine as possible in my writings and I couldn’t be happier than to continue sharing these stories and did bits of excitement with you. 

As a 27 year old from Chicago I have visited over 30 countries and have been involved mainly in the art field for most of those years. My grandfather and mother (both being renowned artists) molded me, for a lack a better terms, into an Art Appreciator and Seeker. Without any ability to be completely artistic myself, I focused on the business aspect of the arts and followed my heart in seeking out artistic expression wherever I went. Art became my compass and I have diligently followed it across the globe. 

As a recent graduate of IED in Venice, Italy I received my Master’s degree in Business of Arts and Culture and, through this experience, have been exposed to some of the most well known artistic events as well as developed one with my class. 

I am here today to tell you that art is everywhere and I hope you enjoy following along my journey and feel inspired to seek the artistic expressions and creativity surrounding you on a daily basis. 

Life is art and we are all artists. 

-Ranting Rose

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